Monday, December 6, 2010

We've got a mover!

17 weeks

It's official! As of Friday, I've felt at least a little movement every day from Baby B!! At my appointment last week my doctor told me it would start happening any time and sure enough on Friday, at exactly 16 weeks, I felt a little movement. I felt it again on Saturday. At first, I wasn't totally sure because it was up by my belly button, which seemed so high. The doctor found the heartbeat down really low last Monday, but after talking to my mom, Nick's mom, Tracy and googling like crazy, it seems like the baby's head or feet could be up there and that's what I'm feeling.

Today, I'm feeling it a little more all around. I was getting ready for work this morning and I felt a little kick or movement. I felt like the baby was saying 'Good Morning Mommy, I'm awake too'. LOL! So of course, I told him/her Good Morning. It's so crazy to finally feel it move! And it's confirmed that what I was feeling at 13-14 weeks was in fact the baby moving. This feels so similar, just more often and a little stronger. Even though the doctor said that was too early, I know what I felt.

Another little side effect is my lower back pain! YUCK!! It's like a sharp pain at some points, but almost always at least an intense ache on the lower right side of my back. Last night, if I slept in certain positions, it would send shooting pains from my lower back, to my hip, all the way down my leg. It was like the back, hip and knee would throb the worst. I tried to adjust positions, but it would still catch me!

Nick and I went baby shopping this weekend. I think we picked out a stroller/car seat combo. We tested out the kind of crib we want and really liked it. We will probably register right after the first of the year. Right now, we're focusing on Nick finishing Grad School and the holidays!! A little over 2 weeks until we find out what we've got growing! I hope he/she not only cooperates but that they don't find any issues when they finally do the sonogram. I think I'm almost as excited just to see the baby as I am to find out what it is!!

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