Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a BOY!!!

19 weeks

We got the best news yesterday!! We are having a little boy!! We had a few issues with the appointment and some scheduling issues, but someone was totally watching out for us and we were still able to get in and see our little man yesterday.

He was a perfect little model! He looked at us straight on, he gave us his profile and he even rolled on his stomach and we have a picture of his whole spine. He was moving around like crazy and had his sweet little hands up by his face, but never covering it. We got a picture full on of his little 'man parts' so according to the sonogram tech, there's no question!!

Our sonogram tech was so wonderful. She let us look at him for a good 20 minutes and pointed out his organs - we saw his heart, his bladder, his brain and his stomach. We also got to see his little spine and femur.

She took measurements and he looks about right for his age. The due date was moved up just a little bit to May 15th from May 21st, but they aren't officially changing it. He weighs about 11oz and is so cute!

My mom and I think he's going to look like me. From the ultrasound pictures, it looks like he has my face shape, my mom's nose and my mouth. Granted, it's so hard to tell right now, but that's what we're saying!

Nick and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate at Salty Iguana and realized it was the same place we decided on the boy name months ago! So, we came up with a 'fake' name to call him now - Carlos. Being at a KU place, we went over some basketball player options - Kief, Sherron, Selby, but decided on Carlos. We are going to call him that even at home so we don't slip and say his real name to anyone before he gets here!

Our families are so excited! We called all the parents and Mia right away. I sent a text to a bunch of our friends and everyone is so excited!! We are going to tell the rest of Nick's family at Christmas in a couple of days. We showed Nick's mom and my mom the pictures last night!!

I have to say, that was hands down the most amazing experience so far in my life. To see him moving and his full little body in there was wonderful and made it all so real. It was also so cool to see where I've been feeling the most movement is right where his little feet are so that's what I've been feeling! I love looking at all his little pictures and have showed them off to everyone at work today!!

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