Monday, December 13, 2010

Unexpected pain

18 weeks

I knew that getting pregnant was going to cause my body to go through a ton of changes. I knew I would gain weight, maybe get sick, maybe be more tired, etc. What I did NOT expect was how much pain I would be in so soon!

I've been dealing with headaches on and off pretty much all of the 2nd trimester. Most of the time, caffeine takes it away - but I don't want to drink pop so I'm trying to slowing stop using that remedy.

Well, in the last few weeks, everything from the waist down has started to hurt. From lower back (what I think is Sciatica) pain that sends sharp shooting pains down my leg, to hip pain that makes it impossible to sleep, to now sore calf muslces! I don't know if it's the extra weight or what, but it's not comfortable! Luckily, I have an amazing husband who is always there to try and work out the kinks when I'm in pain!

On a much happier note, baby has started moving a lot now. I feel it all the time. Some days more than others, but it's crazy and wonderful. Sometimes it's weird because it just reminds me that there is a living thing in there. But it's always just wonderful and makes me feel so connected to the baby. I can't wait for Nick to be able to feel it also.

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