Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My poor husband

17 weeks

I've heard people talk about how 'emotional' you get during pregnancy. Not being a big 'crier' over little stuff normally, I haven't had any affects of this so far. Until this last weekend...I was mad for no reason and crying at the drop of a hat!! And while all this is happening, I'm totally aware of how irrational and ridiculous it is, but just can't seem to stop myself!

We bought our new fancy 'baby camera' - a Nikon D3000 last night. Thanks to my husband's gift for finding good deals on seriously ANYTHING, we saved $150 on it!! I was so excited and couldn't wait to get home to play with it!! I knew Nick wanted us to have it and he worked hard to find the best deal possible. So as we're messing around with it last night, we find out it doesn't have a 'live view' option where you can see the picture on the screen before you take the picture. Apparently, this is enough to make a pregnant woman start crying - seriously?!! I was so upset because I had done so much research and felt like this was the camera I really wanted...I could have SWORN in my research that it did have a 'live view' option, but that it wasn't as good as just using the little eye view finder. So, I just start crying and saying we need to take it back. (See- irrational).

My wonderful and patient husband starts looking more online and taking pictures of Oscar to show me how great the pictures are. He finally talks me down from my ledge and we have decided we are going to keep the camera and give it a shot. It's a great starter camera that takes amaing pictures! Below is a picture he took of Oscar to show me how great it is!

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