Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

21 weeks
Happy 2011!! Our little man will be here THIS YEAR!! It's so exciting! Now we can officially say not only that he'll be here THIS year, but he'll be here the next season!

Our New Years Eve was pretty uneventful. I spent the entire (seriously, all day) cleaning the house. Everyone thinks the nesting has started. I'm talking I took all the food out of the fridge and scrubbed it down, scrubbed the bathrooms, put all the final random Christmas stuff away - well, pretty much anything on our main level that could be cleaned, WAS cleaned!

New Years Day was more cleaning, only I had help (thanks Nick!) and we focused completely on the basement. Our storage room had become a complete mess! You could barely walk in there...OH and the laundry room was disgusting! So, after hours and hours of cleaning (scrubbing the washing machine and vacuuming the laundry room floor) and clearing out the storage room, we now have 2 beautiful, clean, functional, completely organized spaces to put things when our house is overloaded with baby stuff!!

Unfortunately, late in the afternoon on New Years Day, we got some very sad news. Nick's Grandma Hoyle (Judy's mom) was in the ICU. She had a bad fall back on Dec 20th and we thought she just hurt her back/ribs. It turns out, she must have hit her head pretty badly and they discovered blood around her brain on New Years Day. She was in a coma and they ran some more tests. We spent most of that evening at the hospital with his family. Sunday morning they put a tube in to drain the blood from her brain, and while it helped, they found out Monday morning that even more blood had accumulated and there was nothing more they could do. We were at the hospital all morning yesterday with the family saying our goodbyes. They took her off all the machines and we are now waiting for her to pass in peace. It breaks my heart that baby B won't be able to meet her, but he will know her through our memories and will know how much she loved him already.

I'm starting to feel much better than I did last week. I'm determined to get into the gym at least 3 times a week and start eating more healthy. We've got our first baby shower booked and another 'tentative' date set for a second one. Baby's movements have been hit or miss still, but he definitel lets me know if he's uncomfortable! I still have my little concerns when I haven't felt him move for awhile but I think that mostly comes from the fact that his movements are so sporadic that sometimes I feel like it's been longer than it really has!

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