Thursday, January 20, 2011

Man on the move...

23 weeks

We've had lots of new things happening this week!! The main thing has been his movements!! I feel him all day long at different times. He seems to be most active before I wake up in the morning, around the time I eat breakfast, after lunch and as I'm settling down to watch tv/go to bed for the night. Nick hasn't gotten to feel him quite yet, but I think we're getting very close! The last few days I've been able to feel him outside my belly when he's really being active! As I'm typing this he's moving like a maniac!

We started our registry over the weekend at Babies R Us. We were there for 2 hours and only got maybe halfway thru the store!! I think we got the hardest and most important things picked out and we are just so excited for all the fun stuff to start!! I wasn't originally going to get a bassinet or anything for our room, but after talking to other new moms (thanks Linds!) I decided I want one. I don't think I'm going to want him that far away from me right at the beginning!

We have our nursery decor narrowed down to our final choice and I think we may be ordering it this week!! I won't post it here until we get it just in case I change my mind. The swatches for the bedding should be here any day and I was kind of waiting for them first to be able to make SURE that's what I want. I am SO excited to start the nursery! I think it will all start to feel even more real when we actually see where the little man will be sleeping!

Sleeping has started to get a little more uncomfortable as my stomach as just sort of 'popped' in the last couple of weeks. It's starting to be more firm and now there is no question there's a baby in there!! I've been trying to be super careful about only sleeping on my left side as the books say, but sometimes I just can't get back to sleep that way. Sometimes I switch to the right side and sometimes I just sort of lay back and prop myself up to where I'm almost sitting up. It's actually comfortable!

I had a doctors appointment this morning and it went really well. We went over his ultrasound pics and she said everything was perfect!! I've gained a total so far of 29 POUNDS! This was my big fear, especially since I didn't want to gain more than 30 lbs total, but my doctor is not at all concerned. She said it's a perfectly normal amount and that some women slow down and plateau or even lose a little weight in the 3rd trimester. I hope I at least slow down so I'm not too big by the end. I've been so extremely lucky so far in feeling great and I hope that continues!

The big decicion in the Barbosa household this week is selling my beloved Cindy Civic and getting an used SUV (for the same price as we sell her) for me to have with the baby. We've had some serious snow storms here the past couple of weeks and she just isn't a fan of the snow. On top of that, I don't feel that she is big enough safety or comfort wise for me to be traveling around in with the baby. The logical, money conscious side of me is having a hard time wrapping my mind around selling/trading my 2006 Honda Civic, with only 53K miles and in great condition and getting an older, bigger car with more miles, will cost more in gas and could potentially have more maintenance issues. But then that little guy moves in my belly and I know exactly why we are doing it. Yes, we could make it work with Nick's car, but I just want to be sure that in any given situation, our baby is always as safe as possible. Having an SUV will not only help in terms of driving in bad weather, but will hopefully have better protection in the event of any kind of accident and will have more room to haul all his stuff around!! Right now the car at the top of the list is a Toyota Highlander. I've heard nothing but good things about them and we feel like it's a great choice for us given the reliability of Toyota's and their tendency to last for many many years and miles!

We leave for LA next week and I'm so excited to be in the warm weather!! It's been really cold/snowy here and we are ready for a break! Nick is DONE with his Masters NEXT WEEK! I am so incredibly proud of him and the sacrifice he made to help set our little family up for a bright and wonderful future!

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