Monday, January 24, 2011

Mr. Bossy Pants

24 weeks

So last week I talked about how I had felt quite a bit of movement and I was sure Nick would be able to feel the baby move soon. I was right!! Saturday morning little man was super active and I had Nick put his hand on my stomach. After a few minutes, baby gave a good kick right where Nick's hand was! He was pretty active most of the weekend (more in the mornings) and I even saw my stomach jump a few times!! He seems to like Oscar already! If I lay on my right side in bed and Oscar curls up next to me, the baby finds that spot and starts moving right there. I don't know if it's the heat from Oscar or what, but I just hope they are that happy next to each other when he's actually here!

I've also noticed he's started being a little demanding. No matter what pants I have on, if it's the full panel maternity pants with the tightest part being right under my bra, or my pajama pants with the waist right under my belly, he will find the spot and start kicking like a mad man! It's pretty funny. He already needs his space. He's also gets pretty active when he's hungry - especially if it's later than a normal eating time. We went out to dinner on Friday with Drew and Erin and it was a late dinner. I had a snack but as we were waiting to be seated, he started getting really active and I can only guess it's because he was hungry. As demanding as it may be, I love feeling him move!!

We went out to dinner on Saturday night for my mom's birthday. I really wanted him to move so she could feel it, but he was worn out from all his acrobatics earlier that day I think. We're definitely getting closer to everyone else getting to feel him I think.

Another topic from last week was the car hunt! Well, we bit the bullet! On Saturday morning we got up and drove 2 vehicles - a Toyota Highlander and a Nissan Pathfinder. We were mainly there to look at the Pathfinder, but I wanted to just drive the Highlander to see how they drive. I really loved the look of them and felt like that's what I wanted, but had never driven one. However, this one had more miles and was a little more expensive than we wanted. After driving the 2, there really was NO comparison! The Highlander was so far above and beyond the Pathfinder, even with leather and all these options, in my mind, it couldn't touch the Highlander. So after some debate and a little 'haggling', we walked out with a new car! It's a 2003 White Highlander and her name is Heidi. Although I had a little panic moment because of the miles (we bought her with 140K), they are good cars and hopefully she'll live up to the reputation those cars have for being long lasting! I love her, she drives great and I will feel so much better having little man in a big, safe car and being able to comfortably transport him and all his gear!

We leave for LA on Thursday and it's supposed to be low to mid 70's the entire time we're there! It's been snowing and cold here so we are so ready for a break!!

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