Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodbye and Hello!

22 weeks

This week starts off with a sad Goodbye. Nick's grandma, Jeanette Hoyle, passed away Sunday, January 9th at 2am. She was a wonderful, caring woman and will be greatly missed. It breaks my heart that baby B won't get to meet her, but he will know all about her and how much she loved him already. Her funeral was yesterday and it was actually an amazing service. The Pastor did a wonderful job at really capturing who she was and how she lived her life. Nick's grandpa was such an inspiration to be around. He is going to miss the love of his life very much, but we got more of a sense of true happiness and gratefulness for the 60 years of marriage they had together. He knew she was better off and no longer in pain.

Ironically, this goodbye lead me to a hello. With the funeral coming, I had to find something to wear since my normal 'funeral' attire isn't fitting at the moment. Since I needed something quickly, I finally went into Destination Maternity at 119th and Nall (behind Crate and Barrel). All I have to say is HELLO my new favorite!! They were so wonderful and helpful. While I didn't find a dress for the funeral, I found some super comfortable and affordable pants for work!

The baby bump is definitely obvious now. Not just for people who know me, but even strangers I think can tell there's a baby in there! I'm slowly adjusting to the new body. It was so hard at first because I just feel big all around. I can't even look at the scale anymore because the number scares me to DEATH!

Last week I was a little worried about not feeling much movement from the little man, but I realized I was! And of course in a way I had been bashing before (another Aubree foot in mouth moment). When I first started reading about how it would feel when the baby moved, I read about the 'flutters', etc and that some women didn't realize it was movement they were feeling, they thought it was gas. I thought they were CRAZY! I would say 'those are also the women who don't know they are pregnant until the baby is about to pop out!'. Well, that was easy for me to say at the time, because when I first started feeling the baby move consistently, he was kicking. It was unlike any other feeling I'd ever had before and thought that's how it always felt. Until last week. I had some 'flutters' or 'bubbles' in my pelvis almost every night. And like those women I joked about previously, at first I thought it was gas or just some stomach churning. After a few days, however, I realized that it HAD to be the baby. Not only was there no 'end result' of these so called 'gas bubbles', but it was so consistent. The other night it was quite frequent so I think we're maybe getting closer to feeling him from the outside too! Right now, he's being a little brat and every time I feel him, I'll put my hand there and he'll stop! He's shy for now!

We are heading to Babies R Us this weekend to start the registry process. Mostly to make sure we pick out the bedding so we can be ready to start on the nursery in a few weeks! We got signed up for our childbirth preparation classes so we're well on our way!

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