Wednesday, April 6, 2011


34 Weeks

No, I'm not having twins, but apparently it looks that way. We went to Omaha over the weekend for Nick's cousins wedding and I got comments from not 1, but 2 people about me having twins! One was from a cousin who KNOWS I'm not having twins, but just kept swearing there had to be 2 in there because of how big I am. The 2nd was from the lady at the Starbucks counter in our hotel who asked if I was having twins! REALLY PEOPLE? That's up there with asking someone you aren't sure about if they are pregnant or not!! In my 'rational' mind, I know there are reasons why I'm showing so big. I'm short, I have a bigger baby and I have a lot of amniotic fluid. However, none of that makes it any easier to be reminded about!!

I went to the chiropractor on Monday and it helped a little bit with the pain in my hips when I sleep. The first night was great, last night the pain started to come back a little. I go back on Friday and he's going to do some more adjustments and stretching. Hopefully it'll help me get some sleep in these last few weeks!

I have to say, I'm so glad Omaha is the last time we'll be out of town before the baby gets here. I had a few 'freak out' moments - sweat dripped down my leg (OMG! Did my water break?), cramping in the night (Are those contractions!?). None of the things were anything to be concerned about, but it was the immediate - Holy cow, we are 3 hours away from my doctor, my family and our house! I can't go into labor here!! Once my rational brain took over, I calmed down. I was never really scared I was in labor, more of the thought of what would happen if I DID go into labor.

Now that we are about 6 weeks away from our due date, it's all feeling very real. The thought that realistically 'go time' is just around the corner (but hopefully not TOO close) is exciting and scary! I almost wish we would have done our classes just a bit earlier because now I have this fear of going into labor before we're really ready!

This morning I had some light cramping, pressure (like the baby was pushing down) and lower back pain that gave me a little bit of a scare. I looked up symptoms of 'pre term' labor and all 3 of those were on there. I went to the breakroom and put my feet up for about 10 minutes and they all pretty much went away after that. I was on the verge of calling the doctor, but I'm glad I waited since I feel much better. As excited as I am to meet this little man, I'm not THAT ready yet. I'd like to at least get thru this month. First of all, so he has every chance to be as fully developed as possible. Also, and this sounds terrible, but we have a million things to get thru this month before we're ready for him!! We have baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, and baby classes (childbirth, baptism, newborn, car seat and breastfeeding) all within the next month. All that said, as long as he is healthy, whenever he is ready to come, we are ready to have him - I just hope he's not quite ready yet. :)

The nausea/heartburn are almost constant. Sleeping is near impossible! Between the hip pains and the heartburn and the difficulty finding a comfortable position, I spend probably as much of the night tossing/turning as I do actually sleeping! I'm so lucky that I've gone this long and am just now having issues so I can't really complain.

The weather has been gorgeous again this week so we've been out walking! It feels great to get out there and get some fresh air! I've also started feeling more 'defined' little body parts poking out. It started at birthing class last week when I got either a little foot or fist right in the gut. It was this tiny little ball and was so cute. Yesterday it felt like an arm or leg sweeping across my belly! It's so much fun trying to figure out what it could be! I'm throwing Tracy's baby shower at our house this weekend, so every night has been cleaning a little bit here and there. I'm usually only good for about an hour max at a time before I get too worn out to keep going. But, I feel like I've got a good start on things so we should be good to go by Saturday!

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  1. Also one more thing I forgot to mention - at LEAST once a day, usually in the late afternoons, baby gets hiccups!! It's a weird, sometimes annoying feeling, but luckily they aren't harmful or uncomfortable for him.