Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Morning Sickness?

33 Weeks So much for skating through this pregnancy with no nausea! For the past week, almost every day, I've been extremely nauseous. My appetite has decreased and I've just felt sort of blah. Almost flu face gets hot, my stomach sort of turns, it's super fun! I gotta say though, it's not unbearable and most women have it much worse so I'm thankful! I've also started having headaches quite a bit. Not quite bad enough to need meds so again, thankful! The stretch marks are awful! I may never be able to wear a 2 piece swim suit ever again! I'm going to try Mederma to see if that helps. I've read a lot of reviews that say it even helps with scars from acne on your face! My belly is hard as a rock most of the time! Sometimes I think it's from Braxton Hicks (which really I can't feel other than my belly just being hard) but it's like that the majority of the time. Still extremely tired!! Little man has started rolling more than kicking so sometimes it's more intense than a kick. He was up early this morning keeping me awake :). He's gotten shy too! He finally let my dad/Pat feel him move over the weekend in Wichita. But now, he'll move when I'm sitting or laying down, but as soon as I get up to show someone, he stops. The only person he keeps moving for is Nick. He loves his daddy already! It's pretty hard to get the motivation to get ready for work every day. Today was a 'curly hair' day because I just could not get myself out of bed in time to do the full blow dry/straighten routine. Everything just feels like it takes longer and definitely requires more energy. Luckily I have my 'back up' plan for those days when I just can't force myself to do it all. We start our childbirth prep classes tomorrow night! We have so many classes coming up in the next month that should hopefully help us be as prepared as possible for when he's actually here! The rug came in for the nursery and it's PERFECT! It matches perfectly and is the perfect size!

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