Wednesday, April 20, 2011

7 lb wonder

36 weeks

Well, we already knew that Baby B was going to be big....but I don't think we were quite prepared for our doctor's appointment on Monday. At the sonogram, they estimated his weight right now at about 7 pounds!!! He wasn't quite as much of a model this time, but we got a GREAT picture of him flexing his muscles and a great profile shot! He had his ankles crossed over each other, stretching out his legs and yawning like he was super cozy!
Here is the muscle shot, ladies, watch out!

I saw the doctor the next day and she's estimating him at 9 pounds if we go full term. I'm not dilated or anything yet. However, with my height, his size and some other 'anatomical' issues (aka: narrow girl parts), we have started discussing some other options. She went over when and why to induce and also talked a lot about a c-section. I've always considered myself pretty open to the idea of having a c-section if the need arose. However, I didn't realize how while I was thinking that, I was also thinking that it wouldn't even be necessary. After talking to the doctor, we may be leaning more towards that given all of the factors stacked against us. At this point, the chance of complications maybe be greater with a natural delivery.

The doctor said I just need to go into labor asap! LOL! She said this will help not only know that his lungs are mature and he's ready to come out, but also gives us a chance of him being small enough to possibly pass vaginally. I was having some slight contractions Monday night, but they were irregular and I haven't had any since yesterday afternoon.

We had a wonderful couple's baby shower this weekend and got some great books and diapers for the little man. We finally got some of the 'jean' diapers Nick wanted so badly! We also finished off the things we thought we would need from our registry. We got a cart full of stuff, but other than the Pack 'N Play, I can barely remember what else we got! LOL! We also re-arranged the nursery a little and put up new blinds. We got our video camera also and can't wait to catch all of Baby B's milestones and be able to share them with everyone!!

At this point, it's just a waiting game. We are hoping he'll decide to make his appearance very soon!

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