Monday, April 25, 2011

Longest PMS Ever??

37 weeks

I think I can only describe these last couple of weeks as having the longest PMS ever. Not necessarily the hunger but the mood swings! I don't think I've ever been so irritable in my entire life. I'm sure it's exhaustion, combined with the restlessness and desire to meet this little man, but it's bad. It's hard to just be normal and nice to my friends and family that I LOVE, let alone people who aren't exactly my favorite! I'm just hoping I can make it through these last few weeks without blowing up on anyone!!

Baby's movements have definitely slowed down as he's running out of room. He mostly just rolls from side to side now, but he'll give me the occasional kick or two for good measure. I still feel really good in terms of just day to day. I get really exhausted in the afternoons, but I feel ok which is a blessing. The belly is getting so heavy and almost hard to carry around all the time! I don't feel totally miserable, but I can see how women can very easily be 'over' pregnancy at this point.

My bag is mostly packed and ready to go and Baby's bag is completely ready. We have all the cameras charged and packed too! I've had a few 'pre' labor symptoms - diarrhea, extreme fatigue, contractions, lower back pain, but I still feel like it'll be at least another week or two. After Kristin's baby shower this Saturday, I'm going to start all the 'at home' tricks I can to get him out!! LOL!

We have our newborn class tonight and the car seats get installed/inspected on Thursday. I think that will make things even more real when we have those car seat bases in the car ready to go! I need to clean the house one last time before he comes but that 'nesting' instinct just can't overcome the exhaustion I feel every day. We brought the bassinet up from the basement last night and put it in place. It's crazy seeing it there! But, I want Oscar to get used to having it there so it's not a total shock when there's a baby sleeping in it!

At this point, just waiting to meet this little man! The thought that it could happen any day is exciting and definitely helps make each day easier, but I'm sure that'll only last for about a week and when it STILL hasn't happened it won't be as helpful! LOL! I go to see the doctor again tomorrow and we'll see where we are at that point and try and get an idea of when we can get this little man out!!

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