Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Shower #1

29 weeks

We had our first baby shower this weekend! Judy threw it for us, along with some help from the aunts - Carol, Diane and Jan, and the girls - Erin and Lori. It was amazing! Judy went above and beyond. It had a 'King of the Jungle' theme and it was so cute! She had all these little homemade decorations to go along with it.
The first is a baby carriage made out of receiving blankets, diapers and a crib sheet. This was the centerpiece for the gift table! SO CUTE!
These were little pacifiers on the cake table that she made too! Totally edible!
This was what the centerpieces of the tables looked like. She made the little booties out of tissues, cotton balls and little ketchup bowls and filled them with mixed nuts! Genius! Then each table had a stuffed animal with a baby bottled filled with M&M's. Baby B now has a full collection of stuffed animals!
Below is a picture of the cake table. The them was so fun and the cake was awesome! The cake might be the only thing she didn't make by hand!
And finally, here is a picture of me and the Grandma's! I have been avoiding cameras, but for the sake of looking back on these later, I figured I'd put a picture of me in here to see what I looked like!
The shower was so much fun! I can't say enough about how hard Judy worked and how wonderful it turned out. We got so many great things for Baby B!! Lots of clothes, but we also got a lot of our 'big' stuff which was nice. We got our stroller (thanks Great Grandpa Hoyle), carseat (Judy), bassinet (Elsie), swing, highchair (Meme and Poppy) and so many other great things! We got it home and it took up the whole living room almost! We are in the process of going through it all and putting everything away. We have another shower this weekend and I want to get everything in place before we get more stuff! This baby (and I) are so lucky to have so many people who love us and can't wait to meet him!
As far as symptoms go, this week I've been feeling much more tired. I got a couple comments this weekend about my eyes looking tired. I'm starting to slow down a bit. I definitely am shorter on oxygen. I don't know if that's from my organs pushing up or what. It's becoming more and more difficult to shave my legs, put my shoes on, etc. I have started limiting my 'bending over' to only when it's absolutely necessary! At the shower when I would bend over too far to pick something up, baby would respond as if I was smushing him! LOL!
The nursery is almost completely done! I'll do a post later this week with pictures and updates on that front!

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