Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where's my waist??!

14 weeks

While I was very lucky not to have many typical pregnancy symptoms during the first trimester, I did have one that freaked me out. The WEIGHT GAIN! All these books and websites tell you, 'ohhh, you should only gain about 5 pounds during your first trimester'. Well, 10 weeks in and I was already double that mark!

I knew I didn't want to be one of those people that just ate everything in sight. First of all, I want to eat healthy for my baby. Secondly, I don't want to struggle to lose all the weight after. But, I was used to cooking with low/no fat foods and being very careful about how much I ate. My doctor advised me to just embrace this time, start using the 'full fat' ingredients for 2 reasons - 1. There aren't enough studies out to determine if the lower fat options are harmful to the baby and 2. As she said - this is the time to enjoy it! I think that change is initially what packed on the pounds.

I was so concerned I was gaining too fast, I talked with the doctor about it. The doctor said not to worry (music to my ears) and it would go up and then even out as the pregnancy progressed. Well, they were right! I ended up losing 3 pounds after the 2nd trimester started and have evened out on the weight gain now. It's much more of a slow, steady gain instead of a huge rush of pounds.

I think this is much healthier not only for me, but for the baby. I don't want to overwhelm the baby with too many bad foods, however, all this baby wants right now is cheeseburgers! I've had to give up chinese food, Chipotle and even my beloved mexican food as eating all three have cause some serious stomach issues!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow so hopefully Baby B enjoys all the Turkey Day trimmings because I definitely plan on pulling out the maternity jeans to have lots of room!

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