Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby B Blog

We are a little over 3 and a half months into our first pregnancy and everyone is telling me to start a journal. They say to keep track of these things because as soon as the baby gets here, you totally forget!

So, here goes from what I can remember so far. We found out on Friday, September 13th that we were expecting and were 5 weeks pregnant! It was such a memorable and happy day. It was also a surprise since it was the first month we'd really be 'trying' to get pregnant and it worked!!

We ended up telling our families that weekend and everyone was so excited!! It's the first grandchild for most of our family so it was extra exciting. We had to wait to tell my dad and step-mom until the following weekend because we wanted to tell them in person. I think telling all our parents has been one of the most memorable times in my life.

But, just so I don't forget, here's how it went down:
We had a Barbosa family gathering on that Saturday and decided that would be the best time to make the announcement since everyone would be in one spot and it was probably the last time we'd see everyone together before the holidays. So we went to Nick's parents house that morning and Nick announced that I was '5 months pregnant' instead of 5 weeks. It was so funny because I think Gary and Judy were so caught off guard by the 5 months that the fact that we were pregnant took a minute to register! But of course, they were so excited!!!
We announced to the Barbosa clan that night and of course came more tears, hugs and total joy from everyone. Elsie announced that night that the baby will call her 'GG'. It was so cute. And this time, Nick got the weeks vs. months part right ;)
We went to my mom's the next day because I had something to drop off at her house. I handed it to her and then said 'I have one more thing to tell you. You're going to be a grandma.'. Everyone told us we should have recorded her reaction and I wish we would have. She burst into tears and was just so happy. She kept telling Nick 'thank you so much'! It was so funny. Then, she ran upstairs and grabbed baby clothes!! She was so ready for a grandbaby, she already had a few little outfits bought!!
Since my dad and Pat would be coming up the following weekend for a KU game, we decided that's when we would tell them. We wanted to stick w/the KU theme, so we bought a little KU sippy cup and some KU pacifiers and put them in a little bag. We got our tailgate set up (on what was a windy and cold day on the hill) and I said I had something for them. I handed my dad the bag and he opened it. At first, he laughed b/c he thought the cup was so cute. And then you could see the minute it registered what the gift meant. I confirmed, that yes, we were pregnant and him and Pat both started crying. We all hugged and cried and it was another wonderful memory.

We had decided to keep the fact that we were trying quiet at first in case there were any complications or issues. We didn't want to get our families hopes up until we knew what we would be dealing with. Everyone so surprised because they thought we were waiting for a couple years to start a family.

That week is one I never want to forget as telling our family and a few of our close friends were some of the best moments of my life. We are lucky to have such a wonderful family and so many great friends that were all just truly happy and excited to share this journey with us!

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